WCT activities in Paris and suburb

World Crisis Theatre triggered different activities in Paris and the neighbourhood.

• High School workshops
3 high schools have been associated to the project; Lycée Turgot (Paris), Lycée Joliot Curie (Nanterre) and Lycée Montesquieu (Herblay). In each high school, from 2 to 3 classes has been involved, conducting theatre works, investigations on the crisis, discussions. The students average age was 15-16. From 3 to 5 teachers was associated in evry school (French, Economics, History and Geography).

• Citizen workshop
15 amateurs people participated to this experience. A partnership between La Transplanisphere, Chapiteau de la Fontaine aux Images (Clichy sous Bois, Paris suburb), and a group of students from Sciences Po University.

• Student workshop
8 students and emerging artists conducted a creation workshop in the frame of WCT, leading to Exchange, a short theatrical form.

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Performance of The European Crisis Games at Chapiteau de la Fontaine aux Images, Clichy sous Bois (Paris suburb)

Citizen Workshop at Clichy sous Bois

Inter school Hhgh Schoolers presentation Lycée Turgot, Paris

Inter school High Schoolers workshop, Theatre Amandiers CDN, Nanterre (Paris suburb)

Les Economiques, Public conference at Lycée Turgot, Paris

A conference with JV Trichet, former President of the Cnetral European Bank, meeting high schoolers participating to the local WCT Workshop

Inter school WCT Workshop at Lycée Turgot Paris

march 2014

Citizens amateur performance at Chapiteau de la Fontaine aux Images, Clichy sous Bois

ExChange, Student performance, Carreau du Temple, Paris

Citizen workshop, 3rd district City Hall, Paris

Citizen workshop #2, 3rd district City Hall, Paris

Class Workshop at Lycée Turgot, Paris