The Teatermaskinen was created in 1997 and is located in the forest, in the heart of the Swedish countryside. It is a cooperatives structure dealing with theatre, visual arts and trans sectorial activities, working with local audiences as well as with international network. Since its creation, it has performed 23 new plays of the Swedish Theatre in front of more than 750 000 people of all ages in different working places, community centres, youth centres, universities, in trade unions meetings and study groups. Since 2000, they have created around a hundred events in Riddarhyttan opened to the international communities enabling them to invite people from everywhere in the world. They shared the experience and bodies of knowledge with 6000 people through their local activities in the area. They have achieved international projects as well as local projects and developed specific tools thanks to cooperation and mutualization.



Anders Olson

anders@teatermaskinen.com • +46 76 766 12 23


Skräppbo Skola street - Riddarhyttan 73091 - Sweden