Dubbiosi, bisbetici e sbagliati (EXPOSED TO ALL - Doubtful, belligerent and erroneous)

by Tomaso Thellung and Francesco Giuffré
With: Franca Abategiovanni, Alfredo Angelici, Antonella Britti, Dimi-
tri D’Urbano, Valeria Iacampo, Angelo Monacelli, Bianca Nappi and
Andrea Puglisi
Voiceover: Ennio Coltorti
Assistant Director: Giovanna Pellegrino Production Secretary: Miriam Rizzardi
Photos by: Fabio Mancino

Denise Mc Nee for the English translations
Valentina Celentano, Gianluca Enria, Azzurra Fiume Garelli, Flavia
Martino, Denise Mc Nee, Diego Pierini, Alida Tarallo and Massi-
miliano Vado, for their creative input to the project
Produced by The International Theatre – • With the much appreciated support of MAGMA LAB, Teatro dell’
Orologio and Teatro Argot - Rome

A group of men and women, from an undefined time and place are summoned by an unknown man, a Dantesque Charon, to a mysterious appointment. He asks them to take a voyage. Where the destination is, or why they should leave, he doesn’t say.
Their country, like many others, was experiencing a huge crisis; all that they and their ancestors had created until now, such as the certain- ties of social structures and wealth, it was as though everything had crumbled, failed and collapsed.
It has been years since anyone asked what had caused this mysteri- ous disturbance, what went wrong and who was to blame. In the end they got used to it, accepting the continuing state of crisis as permanent and inevitable.
It was distress, a necessity for beauty, curiosity and a desire for a new utopia that had made the group so restless that when given the chance of this voyage, it was embraced immediately as an opportunity. Their only obligation before undertaking the voyage was to discard all that they had been, until the moment of departure and to leave it all behind. During their journey on their way towards the unknown destination they would stop every now and then, and perform to the people telling a story of life, hoping that their mistakes would not be repeated.
No one would ever know what happened to that group of people who were “exposed to all” who were charged by an ideal, a dream! Legend has it that they formed a new community, others say that they have seen them still travelling and performing...always gathering more and more people... for that new world.
Collecting information and material from the street, from politics, from newspapers, from global economics to the economy of house- wives and from our hearts, we narrate slices of life, of a Dantesque voy- age, we tell the story of everyday life.
Set in the “day after” our days, in a tomorrow closer than today.

Italy – The International Theatre

Tomaso Thellung de Courtelary
Tomaso, started in 1987 working as an actor for movie, theatre and television productions. In 1992 he decided to create his own job, instead of seeking it for a long time as it often happens in Italy. He founded then The International Theatre, a Cultural Association that operates mainly in the field of theatrical productions. Between 1987 and 2000 he participated in 16 theatrical shows, 23 fiction television shows for television and 2 films. Soon he began to direct on stage starting from the City Hall Theatre Of Formello (Rome) as well as the Auditorium James Joyce of Ariccia (Rome) from 2005 until 2013. In 2008 he inaugu- rated and directed the new Teatro Cassia in Rome up to 2010. Today the range of the Association’s activities has expanded: an organization with a flexible structure able to start a new project from “the idea”, planning and developing every aspect to its promotion and distribution in Italy and abroad.

Alfredo Angelici
Alfredo Angelici is an actor, author and journalist. He has studied, learned by and worked with international directors and tutors from England, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the United States. After an initial phase of his career, consisting of a prestigious tour alongside great theaters (from Patrons Griffi Giorgio Albertazzi Gabriele Lavia, by Antonio Calenda to Armando Pugliese, to name a few), he took up on radio productions, working as chief editor and presenter and finally a professional journalist. Thereafter he worked as a freelancer and founded a company involved with composition and production of various (“Confessions of a criminal mind,” “A deux trois pam ham”, “The loneliness of a long distance runner” and more). At the moment Alfredo holds a daily radio broadcast on Ecoradio, making it the the only live theatrical radio show in Italy “Lo Stato Interessante” . In 2012 he joined the steering committee of “The International Theatre” for the management of cultural venues, organization and production. He cur- rently plays in the piece “Exposed to all”, the result of a workshop con- ducted by T. Thellung and A. Angelici for an EU cultural programme, directed by Thellung and Giuffrè.

Bianca Nappi
Coming from a Naples family, Bianca was born and raised in Tra- ni, Puglia. Passionate about acting since she was a child, she worked on theatre in her early teen years. Bianca obtained her diploma at Te- atro Blu of Rome, led by the prestigious Argentinian director Beatrice Bracco. Soon she took part in several theatrical productions, movies and television series. She worked with several directors, in Italy and abroad, also participating in two big television movies by HBO (“Love and war” and “ John Paul II”). She is involved in theatre and cinema at the same time; passionate about literature and astrology, she is also a horoscope columnist for the popular website “Ladyblitz”.

Andrea Puglisi
Andrea was born on March 7, 1990 in Catania, Italy. Since he was a child he was engaged in theatrical activity. At the age of 16, he took part in performances in France, Spain and Romania. In 2010 he moved in Rome and in 2013 he completed a degree in drama. Also in 2013 he played as a leading actor in ‘’delitto e castigo’’ directed by Francesco Giuffré, that in the same year included him in the European project, ‘’Sifnos Crisis’’.

Antonella Britti
Antonella graduated in 2002 with specialization in Humanities The- atre and Performing Arts at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Af- ter that she studied to become a professional actress and graduated in 2006 from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome. From 2007 she worked at the annual Organization of the Event “Invitation to Read” under the auspices of the Municipality of Rome at Libraries and Schools. She organizes theater workshops for children and collabo- rates with various festival events in organization tasks. As an actress she played in many Italian television serials, theatre performances and several commercials.
Valeria Iacampo was born in Oristano, Sardinia, in 1988. Theatre al- ways fascinated her while her first involvement with it was with a bal- let dance at the age of 12. In 2006, Valeria studied at the “Denton Ballet academy”, Texas. Two years later she moved to Rome and attended the school of “Roma tre” where she graduated on DAMS (Discipline of art music and show) in 2010. Two years later she graduated from the “Ac- cademia Teatrale di Roma Sofia Amendolea” and today works as an actress and dancer in various outlets.

Franca Abategiovanni
Franca, from the city of Naples, has worked for nearly 20 years in show business achieving numerous successes throughout Italy. She has attended the Academy of Drama and a Stage of Theatre Dance with the dancer Julie Sthanz of Pina Bausch Company. She has great experience as a versatile actress, having played several roles in cinema and televi- sion, both in comedy and drama.
Angelo Monacelli is an Italian actor, graduated from drama school in Rome in 2012. He has been working with English theatre in Rome and took part in Shakespearean plays and musical theatre shows in English. Angelo is also a musician and singer, playing the guitar and percus- sion. He has also played in cinema and television films.

Giovanna Pellegrino is 26 years old, from Rome. She has worked with various production companies and directors since 2008, as an ac- tress, a singer and for two years as assistant director.