1. June 2012 : Preparation

Preparation meeting with each project partners in Paris.

2. September 2012 – June 2013 : Students researches and workshops

Research conducted by students in each participating country and workshops. Interviews of personalities involved in the crisis (documented in video). Transcripts of these interviews. Selection of the best moments. Classification by theme.

3. Summer 2013 in Greece. Students Meeting / rehearsals, performance, Sifnos, Athens & Epidaurus

Meeting of students, workshops, performances.

4. March 2014. Creation of The European Crisis Games

in Teatermaskinen (Riddarhyttan, Sweden)

5. April 2014. Tour in Europe

Performances of The European Crisis Games together with the Answers created localy.

6. June 2014: conclusion of the project

Last partner meeting in Ryddarhittan (Sweden) together with a last performance of The European Crisis Games, during Teatermaskinen Resistance Festival