Ex Quorum

ExQuorum is a structure of artistic promotion founded in Évora in the year 2000. Devoted to its own creations/productions especially re- lated to the performative arts, but also with the intention of welcoming other artists with tangent inquietations, ExQuorum has been investing since 2006 in some professional work programs like, for example:
– ENCONTRO DE ANI+, International Meeting of Artistic Investiga-
tion Projects (Évora University, 2007) with the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Inst. Mediterranean and Universities of Wa- shington and Malta;
– INTERNACIONALIZAÇÃO 2009 (Internationalization 2009), with the tour Aveiro/ Inst. Arte Dramática, Évora/Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Paris/Guillotine, Cracóvia/Cricoteka from “Como um re- mador à deriva” (“Like a paddler adrift”) (supported by Young Cre- atores from the Culture Nacional Centre/IPJ) and “30 e tal no campo da morte lenta” (“30 something in the slow death field”), during 3 months in Cape Verde, with Fundação Amílcar Cabral, Cia. Raiz di Polon, CCPPraia and Mindelo’s Cultural Centre, and Cape Verde’s
University (supported by Criar Lusofonia from CNC/DGLB);
– ARREPIOS (Chills), recollection and treatment of stories taken from the oral tradition of Alentejo, presented along with Centro Estudos em Le- tras (Letters Studies Center) from Évora University in the International Conference of Oral Tradition (Ourense/Spain in 2010, with the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia - Foundation for Science and
Technology - and in Évora in 2012, with Évora’s City Hall);
– GUERRAS/CRISES 2012 (Wars/Crisies 2012), with the recollection of memories, conversation cycles, dramaturgic drafts (with the support of Colecção B, PIM Teatro, amongst others) and the show “Ponto de Encontro” (“Meeting Point”), with two actors from Évora’s Dramatic Center. Until the end of 2012, ExQuorum has produced/created 22 shows (half of them with original scripts), promoted more then 50 workshops and 17 artistic residences, has given impetus or participated in 11 festivals, and developed around one hundred events, where it has welcomed to Évora more than 20 creators. Currently, it’s more devoted to its interna- tional artistic cooperation, in which it is, amongst others, partner with the World Crisis Theatre project. Exquorum.blogspot.com

coisasdocorpo is the creative space of Hugo Miguel Coelho, where he developes his own performative works, counting, from its inception, with about 20 performances/ human installations/ living pictures, along with more then four dozens workshops and performed in many theaters, fe- stivals and different space typologies (in and out of Portugal). Currently, in addition to be working on the spectacle “A RESPOSTA _ The Answer ”, also prepares “Nãh_2” (referring to Norse, Japanese and Alentejo ́s my- thology) and promotes the spokenword performance“A Estória de Um Miudo/ The story of a Kid” from “As Angústias do Senhor Trinity”.
Hugo Miguel Coelho is a director and writer. He studied Theatre Studies and Contemporary Creative Writing at the University of Évora, and has a MA in Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy. He also studied production and directing at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He col- laborated with Artistas Unidos (where he looked on contemporary dra- maturgy) and several directors and companies, such as Teatro do Mar (Sines) or Ass. Amics de L ́Ópera de Sabadell (Barcelona). He is influen- ced by devising, with a strong social intervention approach and a geo- political and documentary look. He is experienced and very interested in street theatre, small auditoriumsa nd theaters, unusual places, land performance. He worked, studied and presented his work in Portugal, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Cape Verde, Slovakia, Greece... In 2008, he had a grant from “Art4eu: pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes” and worked with Cano Lopez Company (Tours/ France), over

the theme “fear, airport and terrorism”. In 2009, he has been awarded with the “Criar Lusofonia” writer’s grant by Centro Nacional de Cul- tura/ Direcção Geral do Livro e das Bibliotecas, to develop a work over Tarrafal Camp in Cape Verde, where he worked with dance and theatre companies, to write three scripts. Between 2011 and 2012, he worked in the “Wars/ Crisis” program. He is currently a producer at ExQuo- rum. He directs his own creative performance project coisasdocorpo and máquinadodesejo (a video production company), and collaborates with Ana Silveira Ferreira ́s Projecto de Investigação.