La Transplanisphère

La Transplanisphère is a theatre company based in Paris and led by director Bruno Freyssinet. Since 2008, the company has developed a project that questions theatre and geopolitics. In a context of global crisis and disruption of international political balance, what Europe do we want to tell ourselves today? What about the future? How can art and theatre stimulate a public debate on the future of our societies?
In that context, La Transplanisphère designs and conducts international cooperation projects funded by the European Commission and various sources of support in Europe.
It now offers a transdisciplinary approach that combines theatre, citizenship, youth, education and international perspective. This has resulted in projects developed in Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Armenia, and coming soon in Australia, Canada, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA, all through a dynamic process linking local to global.
Beyond the audiences for our performances, these activities bring together students, academics, and individuals from civil society through productions, workshops, debates, interviews and publications.
By leading a project made of questioning, appropriation and creative practice, La Transplanisphère wants to help to give citizens a renewed openness to the theatre of the world.

La Transplanisphère – Present & future

2012-2014 The company launched the World Crisis Theatre project dealing with the financial crisis and its consequences in Europe. WCT offers a meeting of artists, personalities, and European students from 7 countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Iceland and France. The agenda includes a research period, a student meeting in Greece (Sifnos) in July 2013, and then the staging of The Power of Yes (David Hare) with a crew of professional actors together with The Answer, a new play written and performed by students. A European tour is scheduled in 2013/14. WCT is supported by the EU Culture Programme.
2012-2014 In the wake of WCT, Pace (Performing Arts for Crisis in Europe) associates 6 countries for a platform of exchanges between European artists, educators and adult amateurs. Pace wishes to allow a sharing of best practices in theatre pedagogy dealing with the crisis topic. It brings together companies, universities and theatres in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden and France for training sessions from November 2012 to May 2014. The EU Grundtvig program supports the project.

2014-2015 One Land Many Faces is supported by the Culture programme of the European Commission. It started in October 2013, with the meeting of partners in Brussels. The project will last 2 years and proposes the creation of an International Cabaret questioning the European citizenship in the context of countries whose own identities are already controversial. Partners come from Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and France. To feed the debate, the project will confront 3 Europeans authors to 3 others coming from Africa, Asia and America.

2013-2014 Theatre for Tolerance is a project for which the Transplanisphère has been requested by a theatre company set up in Berlin. It involves high school students from Germany, France and Israel questioning the inter-religious dialogue and the fight against prejudices. 3 students theatre workshops happens in the participating countries from summer 2013 to summer of 2014. OFAJ is the main partner of this project.

In 2014 La Transplanisphere is hosted ans supported by Le Carreau du Temple, new venue in Paris dedicated to transdisciplinarity, young artists willing to develop their projects at an international scale.

Bruno Freyssinet, artistic director of the project
Juliette Bompoint, administrator
et Julie Paule, assistant