The International Theatre

The purpose of the Cultural Association The International Theatre is the organization and management of theatrical activities and all other related activities. In particular, the Association will promote individual shows and / or theatrical, musical, film, television, radio, publications, seminars, meetings, debates, drama classes, etc.. and cultural initiatives, however, of any kind, either producing his own shows and events themselves, is taking care of the organization, with the widest powers to hire and take any action necessary or helpful, and in particular to form associations or societies, to take part in any form consortia or links with similar organizations. The association gives life to the theater company "The International Theatre".
about Us

Thellung Courtelary de Tomaso in 1987 began working as an actor in theater, film and television. In 1992, however, decided not to stay just waiting for work, as often happens in Italy, but crearselo; and so he founded, together with his friend Marco Stefano Caracciolo, The International Theatre. Between 87 and '98 plays 16 plays, 23 television series and two feature films. In 1994 he founded the monthly magazine ads show The International Theatre Magazine. Parallel to the work of the International Theatre between 1997 and 2000, provides its organizational capacity and production for the tour operator Nouvelles Frontieres who will be responsible for a program of "loyalty" of customers in a second phase covering the role of Head of Communications. In 2001, NF left, but while continuing to promote cultural activities with the association, it becomes Québec's cultural attaché in Italy. This charge, which allows him to further enhance his knowledges at the international level, penetrating even more so in the cultural fabric of Italian and foreign, will be held until January 2003 when the attraction to his "creature" (The International Theatre) will report "at home." Since 2005 he is the Artistic Director of the Teatro Comunale di Formello. Since 2006 he is the Artistic Director of the Auditorium James Joyce Ariccia. In 2008 he founded the Veii e20 Ltd. for the management of the Teatro di Roma Cassia (which will be inaugurated in January 2009) of which it will be, until September 2010, Artistic Director.

Today, the action spectrum of the Association The International Theatre is much broader; a structure able to go from concept to design, development and promotion of Italian and international cultural events. Thomas directs the Association since its inception.

Alfredo Angelici is an actor, author and professional journalist. It is formed by studying and working with directors and teachers internationally between England, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the United Statii. after an initial phase of his career, made ​​up of prestigious tour alongside great theater (by Patroni Griffi Giorgio Albertazzi Gabriele Lavia, by Antonio Calenda Armando Pugliese, to name a few),
He goes to the radio, the first author then becomes conductive, and finally a professional journalist. At the same time he decided to "get right" and founded a company that bears his name and writing and producing various shows (confessions of a criminal mind, a deux trois pam ham ..). thus began a partnership with director M. D. Cotugno and with the author pole. At the moment is about to debut with his next production - "the loneliness of the marathon runner" - directed by Nicola Pistoia, is broadcast on Ecoradio every day from 13 to 15 with the only theater seating radio in Italy "The state interest" . The meeting with Thomas Thellung, partner and friend, led him to be more daring. then enters a part of the directors of "The International Theatre" and is Thellung with a new company for the management of cultural spaces, production and organization of shows.