Galatasaray university

Berhan Şimşek CHP Istanbul Provincial Branch Chair

"WCT: There is a discussion actually about the crisis in Turkey - is there a crisis? Is it tangent to Turkey? As member Republican Party, how do you comment the crisis discussion?
BS: When we see the reality of Greece, Portugal and Spain, the crisis of the continental Europe is more impressive. Why? These places are not in the production system any more and employment lacks."

Emir Hüseyin AKIN: MNG Airlines Storehouse General Manager

"We felt very well the beginning and the ending of the crisis. The first reactions appear on transportation sector. We shared our commercial risk by the long term contracts of rent. Our profit margin reduced a little but it’s a safe gain. The price of fuel had increased so much. We have started to renovate the planes which are old and consume a lot of fuel."

Mehmet Emin ARDA UNCTAD Former President of Commision on Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities – Professor of Economics in Galatasaray University

"WCT: You travel a lot as far as we know. You have a long career as a functionary and worked for the United Nations. Looking at the international arena, what are the consequences of the crisis on countries except those in Americas and Europe? What are your experiences?
It looks like countries that already underwent a crisis didn’t get affected so much this time. For Turkey also, we say that its banking system got fixed so this time the crisis didn’t touch the economy heavily. At least, that’s the accepted opinion."

Harice Serhan Gürsoy: Judge at Penal Court of First Instance

"In Turkey, I worked in a little town near Istanbul. And there was no crime evident like robbery. In 2001, we have observed an increase of robbery. For example a supermarket was robbed by some thieves who came from Istanbul because of the crisis. The house robberies increased too."

Nurhan TAŞDÖNDÜREN District Director of Supporters of the Modern Life Institution

"WCT: Your association provides study grants for university students. How did the economic crisis affect your association’s economic situation?
NT: We don’t have donors as in the past. There were factory owners who give us scholarships. The number of the donors has increased but we are now in loss."